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Kenya - Maasai Mara Safari
Steve’s top 3 African safari holidays

I am lucky enough to have been on safari 5 times in my life. I love Africa, it’s a highly diverse continent steeped in history and tradition. Whenever my wife [...]

Top 10 best South African National Parks

South Africa is home to more than 20 National Parks, and as such is one of the best destinations in the world for those wanting to get up close and [...]

Top 10 things to bear in mind when planning your overlanding trip to Africa

Since I’m counting down the days till my amazing overlanding trip, I thought I’d share with you my top 10 list of things to bear in mind when planning such [...]

Life’s a journey

It’s a much misused and misunderstood word, safari… It literally means “journey” in kiSwahili, the language of the vast plains of East Africa which has become an internationally recognised linguistic [...]

All you have to know about the Big 5

The “Big Five” is probably the most popular phrase in the African safari jargon. And more often than none, the first thing a safari newbie will tell you is “I [...]

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