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Meandering through the Okavango Delta

What is the Okavango? The Okavango is a delta, a landform that initiates at the mouth of a river (in this case the “Okavango River”). Typically, deltas end up in [...]

The best places to watch elephants in Africa

The African elephant is a true continental icon and embodies the spirit of Africa’s last, truly wild places. And, perhaps more than any other animal, it is incredible to behold [...]

How to find water in the Kalahari Desert

Finding water in the Kalahari Desert is not as easy as opening a tap like in most Western societies. Bushmen people have however found a great way to adapt to [...]

Chobe National Park as his office

Hi Dr. Wilson. Thanks for your time! 🙂 We’re here to learn a little about you… 1. In a few words, please introduce yourself. I’m Dr. Clay Wilson. I am [...]

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