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Shamwari conservation experience

Latest Shamwari News… It has been a very busy week for the vets and nurses at the Animal Rehab Centre here at Shamwari Game Reserve, with lots of new arrivals [...]

Community challenges

Hello everyone! I have a little more to share from Graham at Shamwari. All the latest news from him and his students at the reserve, and it seems they’ve been [...]

Tales from the Mantis Academy

The Mantis Academy is a two month training program that has been devised specifically to train up those who want a career working as a field guide in Africa, while [...]

Where, oh where, is W12?

We’ve just been sent another update from Konrad at the Shamwari Game Reserve. They received a new intake of volunteers and set them straight to helping out. The first task [...]

Kenya – “did you say Eco-tourism option?”

A Kenya safari is a good choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly safari that also takes into consideration the welfare of the local communities. The environment has always [...]

A Day with Shamwari vets – Darting oryx bulls

Konrad from the Shamwari Game reserve took some of the vet students out on a darting exercise with assistant vet Dr. Stokoe. They were taken across the reserve in a [...]

Real Life Adventure Travel highlights African conservation projects

While many other parts of southern Africa, and globally for that matter, approach conservation from the perspective of separating people and wildlife, East Africa has pioneered conservation following this philosophy; [...]

Update from the Shamwari Game Reserve: May

Just had an update from the Shamwari Game Reserve, and the students there have been involved in Veterinary work this past few months. They have enjoyed learning about the day [...]

Chobe National Park as his office

Hi Dr. Wilson. Thanks for your time! 🙂 We’re here to learn a little about you… 1. In a few words, please introduce yourself. I’m Dr. Clay Wilson. I am [...]

Africa’s iconic animals under threat

While the world’s media spotlight is firmly focused on South Africa’s ongoing battle with rhino poaching, threats to some of the sub-continent’s other critically endangered and threatened species are largely [...]

Across a wild frontier: Richtersveld National Park

It’s a desolate and forbidding landscape to some, but for others the Ai-Ais/Richtersveld National Park is the epitome of beauty, stark and moonlike though it is. I adore arid places. [...]

Anatolian sheep dogs to halt Africa’s wildlife decline

Fabulous video that illustrates the real benefits of intriguing conservation measures! A great case-study where dogs are trained to scare away African big cats such as cheetahs.

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