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Nerves of steel (or how to keep your composure in the African bush)

“This tracker did exactly the right thing by remaining calm while an elephant properly sniffed him out. Chances are it would have ended very differently had he panicked.”

Incredible video of elephant helping his herd across the road shows amazing intelligence

This amazing video of an elephant seemingly acting as lollipop lady, stopping the traffic on the road so that the rest of the herd (including babies) can safely cross seems [...]

Africa’s iconic animals under threat

While the world’s media spotlight is firmly focused on South Africa’s ongoing battle with rhino poaching, threats to some of the sub-continent’s other critically endangered and threatened species are largely [...]

Elephant encounters… good or bad?

I love African elephants. They are absolutely the ultimate icon – large, impressive, magnificent and supremely intelligent. And very much “like us” in their behavior and range of emotional responses. [...]

Addo – Place of the elephants

About Addo Addo National Park is situated in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, alongside the dense valley bushveld of the Sundays River. It is a spectacular park: a [...]

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