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Cheeky elephant kicks tortoise like soccer ball

“A naughty wild elephant kicks a leopard tortoise like a soccer ball in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa.”

Newborn baby elephant won’t leave mom’s side

“This brand new baby elephant is only minutes old and won’t leave it’s mom’s side. Cute wild animal footage, recorded in the Kruger National Park (South Africa).”

Mommy elephant teaches baby how to dust bath

“An older elephant teaches a baby how to dust bath in a dry riverbed.”

Hippo surprises elephants in muddy water

“Swimming elephant herd gets surprised by a hippo in muddy water.”

Elephant mom and calf protect themselves from wild dogs

“Incredible footage of a mother elephant trying to protect her calf from a pack of wild dogs.”

Herd comes to the rescue as baby elephant’s stuck in a waterhole

“An elephant calf gets stuck in a waterhole. What happens next is so touching! Elephants are just amazing creatures.”

Male elephants mounting (show of dominance)

“Very unusual video of 2 male elephants mounting! This could be a show of dominance by the one over the other.”

Mother elephant protects calf from tourists

“Incredible video showing how a mother elephant stops her calf from going any closer to spectating tourists. Almost as if she is saying ‘Don’t talk to strangers’.”

Zimbabwe is keeping its elephants in the countryside – by shooting them with a chilli gun

Blasting an animal in the face with a burning chilli solution 50 times hotter than tabasco may not seem like the best way of keeping that animal alive – but that is [...]

elephant 05
How Chobe’s elephants will inspire you

If you are an elephant lover then there is no better place in the world to see these majestic and intelligent mammals than on a Botswana safari to the Chobe [...]

Ugandan ele
Uganda elephant numbers on the increase

The current elephant population of Uganda is sitting at 5,000 – an increase of 3,000 from 1982 when years of civil war had depleted the numbers to little more than [...]

The best places to watch elephants

The African elephant is a true continental icon and embodies the spirit of Africa’s last, truly wild places. And, perhaps more than any other animal, it is incredible to behold [...]

Zambezi elephants: the crossing

After spending a whole year in the Lower Zambezi National Park, the thing that I most photographed was the area where Elephants were crossing the Zambezi. Early in 2010, water [...]