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The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery (Mossel Bay, South Africa)
Scotia Female Leopard And Nyeleti At A Kill
Mother leopard and cub play- Londolozi TV
Top 7 tips for beginner birders

Birding takes practice, but these seven tips from Bushwise will help you to identify birds at a quick glance.

Victoria Falls: A Hub for Safari Goers

Five years ago, Mike and Marian Myers moved to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. They have since discovered the many wonders that this small and unique village has to offer…

Daughters Of The Mapogo Lions – Rebuilding The Othawa Pride – 134: Eating A Buffalo
Your Selfies, DP and Taco Picts Can Hurt You

The more I speak at conferences, churches and with youth groups the more I see that information needs to be shared with parents and their children. Too many parents are [...]

Watching Hyenas Again! Part 5
TICKS Everywhere!! | The Lion Whisperer
Hyena Feeding On Drought Victim
Why Don’t We Help Injured Animals?

Through out my guiding career a question that popped up so often was, do you help injured animals when you find them? I will get to the answer to that [...]

Patience Pays with a Male Leopard and his Aardvark Kill

Regular safari goers will be well aware of the amount of time and patience that is sometimes needed to capture an image which, for all intensive purposes, has a lifespan [...]

Video: lion tug of war

The Hide seem to have some new maintenance managers! Check out this video of a pride of lions playing with some rubber pipes near camp.