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Eight year old girl takes the fight to rhino poachers… with cookies and dogs

Alyssa Carter was just six-years-old when she decided that she needed to join the fight to save the Earth’s rhinos. Little did she know that her decision to try and put [...]

Earth’s last male Northern white rhino placed under 24-hour armed guard

The world’s only remaining male northern white rhino has been placed under 24-hour armed guard in a last ditch attempt to stave off poachers and save the species.

Africa’s endangered safari hit list

Guest Post by Chris Mears. Africa is awe-inspiring beauty wherever you decide to safari, but our main reason for travel on the continent is ultimately concerned with wildlife. Unfortunately, poaching [...]

How the journey to help Africa’s wildlife began

Do you love the Big Cats, or is it the primates, maybe rhinos, or simply all wildlife in Africa? Everyone who is passionate about wildlife has a story to tell. [...]

A flight of fancy in a hot air balloon

It’s the oldest form of flight. And perhaps its most graceful incarnation. Indeed, hot air ballooning could be described as the pinnacle of mankind’s sortie into the skies – the [...]

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