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10 things to do at Mara Plains Camp in the Maasai Mara

​By Roxanne Reid. Lions, leopards and cheetahs. The wildebeest migration. Hippos and crocs in the rivers. Open plains dotted with trees and termite mounds. It’s everyone’s dream to experience a [...]

Why to visit Genadendal Moravian mission village

By Roxanne Reid. When you take the turnoff from the N2 onto the R406 near Caledon in the Western Cape, chances are you’re on your way to the peaceful little [...]

Stay in a treehouse at Tulbagh in the Cape Winelands

​By Roxanne Reid. How would you like to sleep in a treehouse with a view of wildlife, vineyards, orchards and mountains? You can if you book a luxury treehouse at [...]

Planet Baobab: a quirky camp in Makgadikgadi, Botswana

By Roxanne Reid. About halfway between the dusty little town of Nata and the dusty bigger ​town of Maun on the edge of the Okavango Delta is Planet Baobab, a quirky camp in [...]

Farmstay near Tulbagh: Eikelaan Farm Cottages

​By Roxanne Reid. The tranquil farming valley of Tulbagh in the Cape Winelands is just 90 minutes away from Cape Town. There are so many things to do here that [...]

17 things to do in Tulbagh, Cape Winelands

​By Roxanne Reid. Jagged mountains and gnarled old oaks, the curve of a Cape Dutch gable, long rows of vineyards or fruit trees, a farm dam – these are the memories [...]

5 things I hate about the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

By Roxanne Reid. From any of my previous posts about the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park you’ll gather that this park that skips across the border between South Africa and Botswana has a special place in [...]

12 of the best waterholes at Etosha National Park, Namibia

By Roxanne Reid. There are more than 40 waterholes at Etosha National Park, each with its own strengths. We’re so addicted to this park in northern Namibia that we’ve visited nearly [...]

Bloemhof-Karoo guesthouse near Richmond, Karoo

By Roxanne Reid. I hopped out of the car to open a gate and found sheep waiting to welcome us to their patch of Karoo. The wind whipped the sand across [...]

Top 5 favourite national parks in South Africa

By Roxanne Reid. Since the publication of my book A Walk in the Park: travels in & around South Africa’s national parks, people often ask which are my top 5 favourite national parks [...]

San Ambroso chapel in the Knysna forest, Garden Route

By Roxanne Reid. Did you know there’s a pocket of Italian history tucked deep in the forests near Knysna? Take a road trip to the little San Ambroso chapel in [...]

Samara Karoo: follow cheetah and aardvark on foot

​By Roxanne Reid. Imagine tracking cheetahs and being able to sneak quietly closer on foot with your guide. Imagine being able to follow an aardvark in broad daylight, walking behind [...]

Maasai Mara: a feast of wildlife sightings in Kenya

​By Roxanne Reid. You’ve read the stories and seen the documentaries. Now you want to experience a safari in the renowned Maasai Mara for yourself, in real-life technicolour and surround-sound. If it’s [...]

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