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Safari 101: Local is “lekker” – Part Two

Looking for Part 1? — Safari 101: Local is “lekker” (continued)… 6. Making the most of your time After settling into the camp and unloading all items from the car, [...]

How to save on safaris

If you’re planning an African safari adventure and have looked into the cost, there’s a fair chance this may have deterred you. But it shouldn’t. Companies such as Wonga South [...]

Things not to forget to take on your African safari

There’s no doubt that taking an African safari could be the most thrilling adventure of your life. Between the gorgeous natural scenery and exotic wildlife, you and your loved ones [...]

Top 10 tips for a great trip to the Red Sea

Are you planning a holiday in the Red Sea? Most travelers head here in search of sun and relaxation, but the region offers much more than just that. If you [...]

Safari tips and tools – The best of the best

A special list of some of the best safari tips, tools and resources AfricaFreak has to offer.

IFAW tips: planning a wildlife-friendly African safari

Planning a Safe and Sustainable Safari As summer approaches, thousands of people will plan vacations to Africa, with a majority of them hoping to see majestic creatures like lions, elephants, [...]

What makes a safari camp special?

Doing what I do for a living means that I am constantly asked what my favourite safari camp is, and what makes any one camp or lodge special. It’s always [...]

Safari booking, 4 essential steps

The preparation and research which go into booking an African safari is exciting, but can also sometimes be time-consuming, confusing and stressful. The steps leading up to the booking of [...]

How to pack clever for your African safari

It’s the eternal battle for safari-goers the world over – what to pack, what to leave behind and whether to unpack once you get where you’re going or just live [...]

The ultimate African safari packing list

Today’s guest post is from Ziara Safaris, a Kenya safaris tour operator that specialises in custom and private trips around all of the major National Parks and Game Reserves. This [...]

Safari FAQ: What to wear

Dress Code During… A Game Drive Question: What type of clothes should I wear on a game drive? Answer: Early mornings and sunset drives can get chilly (yes, it does [...]

Finding ‘cheap’ safaris in Africa: Fact or fiction?

In order to answer this question (if there is a way to address it…), it can be useful to define the two types of safaris available on the market: namely [...]

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*** DOWNLOAD HERE *** Jambo rafiki (hello friends), Karibuni (welcome) to Safari Tips 101 – Tips and tricks for your African safari! I am both delighted and excited to share [...]

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