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When a safari is more than a journey

I’ve just returned from a two week break in the Zambian bush. I spent the entire time helping out in a friend’s lodge on the banks of the Zambezi, greeting [...]

Escape from the wilderness…to Funzi Keys

If you’re visiting Kenya for a holiday, you will most likely be taking a safari trip at some point to see the reserves & parks that the country offers. Kenya [...]

Why Kwando is the cat’s whisker

Maun looks unbelievably verdant from the air. As the somewhat ancient but still surprisingly comfortable Air Botswana plane circles on its approach, I see the Thamalakane river full of water [...]

African safari attractions in numbers

What is Mt Kilimanjaro’s Height? Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the highest freestanding mountains in the world (ranked 4th) and the highest peak in Africa. It rises at 5895 m [...]

5 key reasons to consider night drives

1. The Atmosphere There’s just something about night drives that you can only understand once you’ve experienced it for yourself. Something about the darkness, the atmosphere, the slight breeze and [...]

Safari memories (part 1): a South African game drive around Makutsi safari springs

Guest Post by Scott Hughes. Looking for Part 2? Click HERE! 😉 About 6 months ago my partner and I were thinking about where we should go on holiday, and [...]

10 African wildlife must-bookmark websites

Here’s a list of some of my top websites – definitely worth bookmarking if you enjoy African wildlife as much as I do! 1. Listen to Africa Be part of [...]

Tanzania: Unforgettable safaris and crystal clear water beaches

Jambo friends! I truly hope all is well… Lately I received a couple of interesting emails, and thought I could share some of my answers on the matter! If it [...]

What to see and do in the Pilanesberg

About Pilanesberg Pilanesberg National park is a very nice getaway especially if you are staying in the Gauteng area. It is only approximately one and a half hours away from Johannesburg, [...]

All you have to know about the Big 5

The “Big Five” is probably the most popular phrase in the African safari jargon. And more often than none, the first thing a safari newbie will tell you is “I [...]

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