Tanzania’s gorgeous national parks

Tanzania is home to fourteen unique National Parks. All of them exist to aid in conservation of the amazing wildlife and spectacular plants and flowers so plentiful in Tanzania.

A visit to Tanzania’s incredible National Parks gives one a true feel for the natural wonders thriving there.

Tanzania’s National Parks Offer Flamingo Sightings and Amazing Mountain Views

When vehicles are taking travellers on an exhilarating Tanzania safari, they usually stop to let them absorb the sight of pink flamingos in gorgeous Lake Manyara National Park. Thousands of these pink birds line the lake’s edges and visitors are thrilled at the fantastic photo opportunities they offer.

This park is also well known for lions that climb high into trees and elephants that are often found among the gigantic fig and acacia trees.

Beautiful Arusha National Park is one of the easiest places to find the interesting sightings of giraffes, warthogs, famous black and white colobus monkeys and buffalo. This is also one of the few parks where visitors are allowed to stretch their legs and walk through the park.

Gorgeous Mount Meru is also visible from Arusha National Park.

How about something lesser known?

If you fancy something a little different, why not visit Saadani National Park, located 38km from Zanzibar. This is a beautiful and picturesque location where the ocean and the bush meet.

Saadani National Park is also the only national park in the whole of East Africa with a beachfront looking upon the Indian Ocean – setting this reserve apart from the other Tanzanian national parks.

The Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro are Two of the Most Famous National Parks

While on a fascinating Tanzania safari, one cannot miss the most famous attraction, the plains and savannahs of the Serengeti. Here wildlife roams freely and visitors are amazed at the gigantic elephants, buffalo, leopards, lions, gazelles and zebras. Tour guides give fantastic summary and interesting information about wildlife along the way.

Some of the best photo opportunities for wildlife photography happen when one is on a Tanzania safari through the famous Serengeti – best explored with an expert tour guide.

One may never feel smaller in their lifetime than when they are looking up towards the peak of world-famous Mt. Kilimanjaro. Snow capped peaks seem to endlessly touch the sky. Visitors are fascinated by the organised mountain climbs and spectacular scenery in this gorgeous National Park.

Gombe Stream and Mahale National Parks Provide Chimpanzee Sighting Experiences

Huge groups of wild chimpanzees are thriving in two of the most incredible natural habitats they have ever been seen in. Both the Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Park offer incredible scenery along with the opportunity to watch these fascinating chimpanzees in the wild.

They live and play along the banks of beautiful Lake Tanganyika, unaffected by human presence.

Exploring Tanzania’s gorgeous national parks gives lucky visitors an amazing African experience. Visit Tanzania on your next vacation and embark on an exciting safari holiday that provides memories that last forever.

For more information, questions and advice on Tanzania, contact a specialist Tanzania tour operator who will be able to tailor-make your experience.

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