The founder of the Barack Obama University has gone into hiding

The Barack Obama University in Kenya has been closed – before it even had the chance to open its doors.

The unregistered institution in Ndenderu, Kiambu county was recently shut down by the Commission of University Education, after failing to comply with pretty much every rule regarding setting up a higher education establishment.

Named after the incumbent US President, the university was still under construction when officials decided to move in. The Commission is currently hunting the university’s founder – apparently on “talking terms” with Mr Obama – who is currently missing and suspected to be outside of the country.

Government officials closed the university after being alerted by the public that the unregistered institution was being built illegally in a residential area.

“The institution is aimed at duping unsuspecting students to enrol,” the Nairobi Star quote commission chairman Henry Thairu as saying.

Thairu went on to say that the university had even gone to the trouble of running a marketing campaign to encourage student sign up.

“The university had erected many advertisement bill boards in the nearby Ruaka town, which is illegal as it is not in the process of being registered and we would not approve of its registering due to its location,” he said.

The building in which the sham university set up their headquarters was once a kindergarten and later an academy, according to resident Peter Mwai.

Other residents declined to be named, saying that the owner of the institution has fled the country – but still claims to be on talking terms with President Obama.

Thairu confirmed that the commission is now searching for the owner, towards who they expect to pursue the charge of illegally opening an institution of higher learning.

The penalty for the offence is Sh1 million fine or two years in prison. Perhaps Obama will come to the owner’s rescue…?

Image via DonkeyHotey / cc

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