The Tanzanian dream

In 2007 myself and my trusty web team created a free trip competition while managing the Australia Zoo websites and online presence. A trip anyone from around the world could win.

Well to cut a long story short, the 2nd year we held the competition a Tanzanian based Australian family, along with a Tanzanian boy (Godwin and his Mother), wound up being flown out from Tanzania (courtesy of Australia Zoo) to join us for Steve Irwin Day at Australia Zoo.

Godwin had never been outside of Tanzania so to see the joy he had from something I had conceived was simply amazing. After hosting the family and Godwin I felt a real connection and needed to head over to Tanzania for a visit.

During my visit I had a camping Safari in the Serengeti and another at Lake Manyara. I also hiked 55 km over the crater highlands. Below are various images and videos of my Tanzanian journey. Enjoy.

The Australian family and Godwin and his mother Christina

Places I visited in Tanzania

Videos of My Tanzania Trip

  • No Ordinary Journey (Part 1)

In June of 2009 I took a long journey to Tanzania and experienced nothing like the supposed real life I live and lead here in Australia. This is the best thing anybody can do to keep your feet on the ground.

  • No Ordinary Journey (Part 2)

Second part to the Tanzania Journey. This section contains footage from a 55 km hike across the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands.

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