The unknown beauties of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a beautiful place to visit. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend a dream holiday, this is the place for you. Beautiful scenery, breathtaking wildlife and historical sites are just some of the things waiting for you when you arrive on your Ethiopia holidays.

The diversity is what makes the country so unique. Check out the amazing attractions of Ethiopia.

Simien Mountains National Park is one of the major draws of Ethiopia. The mountain sits near the equator but its extreme height brings snow and ice to the peak despite the warm temperatures at the base.

Many different animals live in the park, including baboons, the Simien Fox, and over fifty different varieties of exotic birds. Ethiopia holidays in the Simien National Park can also be experienced up close by renting horses or mules to explore the mountain terrain.

Another option for visitors seeking interesting twists to their Ethiopia holidays is the Castles of Gondar. Only about 700 kilometres from Addis Ababa, the Castles of Gondar were constructed during the fifteenth century when Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia. You can climb through all of the castles and explore the rooms, roofs and surrounding grounds.

Lalibela is also a great place to see when you’re visiting Ethiopia. I find the history of the rock hewn church ruins very fascinating. They were built during the 12th century and are unofficially considered one of the wonders of the ancient world.

There are eleven churches in total. All of them are assembled in the same area so walking between historical sites is simple.

The Axum Historical and Archaeological Sites is an amazing place to visit. Axum was once one of the four kingdoms of the world and today holds some of earth’s most treasured ancient edifices. It is famous for its obelisks, many of which are still standing today.

The Blue Nile in Ethiopia reportedly contributes about 80% of the water that flows into the famed Nile River through Egypt. The Blue Nile Falls is a stunning natural wonder that every tourist should take the time to check out before they leave.

Lake Tana is located further back from the Blue Nile Falls and is the biggest body of water in Ethiopia.

Looking for something fresh and unique? Book yourself a Gorilla Safari in one of Ethiopia’s neighboring countries (Uganda, Rwanda or the DRC). Many of these amazing, powerful creatures thrive in the wild and within the confines of reservations.

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