These shocking images are some of the most striking anti-poaching protests there are

Poaching is still a problem in Africa, despite the continued efforts of men and women all around the world to protect some of our planet’s most incredible species that live in the wild on the vast continent.

According to the AWF the most at risk species are African elephants, black rhinos, Grevy’s zebras, mountain gorillas and lions. The statistics the AWF put forward show a problem that is far from over. Lions are extinct in 7 African countries and require protection in the countries where they do remain. Only 2,000 of the Grevy’s zebra remain, and a shocking 900 is all that’s left of the mountain gorilla. African elephants and black rhinos are most at risk to poaching, due to the valuable ivory tusks of the elephant and the horn of the rhino, which is still used in medicines as well as for decorative purposes. Over 35,000 African elephants were killed in the past year and the population of the black rhino has fallen by a huge 97.6% since 1965.

But there is still hope. Charities and organisations, as well as brave and dedicated anti-poaching teams on the ground in Africa’s many nature reserves are helping to protect these beautiful animals from further destruction.

And the most powerful way they can get the word out to the general public, and guarantee their continued support, is by showing the ugly truth of poaching. Here are some of the most powerful protest and campaign images that various groups have used over the years to get the world’s attention on ending poaching. WARNING: Some of the images are explicit and may be shocking to some readers.

This striking image shows a white rhino, who has had his horn partially removed in a controlled and safe way, to make him less appealing to poachers. The rhino is surrounded by a dedicated group of anti-poachers, armed with guns, who protect the wildlife day in and day out on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

This campaign poster from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) shows a side of poaching that is less commonly known than the poaching that supports the illegal ivory trade. Equally common is poaching for skins and furs. The slogan on this poster reads ‘If you buy it, you become part of it’.

This shock tactic poster from rhino and wildlife conservation charity Gentle Giants puts a very unnerving and literally human face on the reality of poaching. The slogan refers to the vital importance of the horn to the rhino, even if an animal survives the experience of poaching, without their horn they will struggle to function socially with other animals and will be unable to defend themselves from attacks by other animals or poachers in the future.

This striking image of a family unit of African elephants makes it impossible not to accept the reality of poaching and the effect it sadly continues to have on the beautiful and unique wildlife of Africa.

To learn more about how you can help to stop poaching, visit the official websites of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) or the AWF (African Wildlife Foundation) both of which have excellent information about how small monthly donations can directly help to end poaching.

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  1. Raphael April 23, 2015 at 1:03 pm #

    Poaching is sickening and all poachers should be dealt with ruthlessly. Its denying our future generations an opportunity to experience the beauty of God’s creation.


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