They are sometimes known as the “Ugly 5”

When it comes to animal spotting, most people are well aware of the “Big 5”, or perhaps even the “Little 5”!

However, did you know anything about the “Ugly 5”? Chances are you don’t…

Well, I don’t blame you as I only found out about the expression on my latest trip to the Masai Mara…

The “Ugly 5” arguably depicts the “ugliest” African animals to be seen on a safari.

While I don’t necessarily agree with this “classification” (as I find most animals beautiful), here’s the “official” standing…

Marabou Stork

Marabou Stork ugly 5The Marabou stork may not win this year’s African “beauty contest”, but it is clearly one of the most elegant bird in flight!


Vultures have a key role to play in nature and are well respected for their ability to keep our wildlife reserves nice and “clean”!


Blue wildebeest ugly 5

Who cares about looks when it comes to the wildebeest? It wouldn’t know how “ugly” it is anyway as its eyesight is extremely poor!


Tell a hyena it is ugly and it will probably “laugh” at your face! 🙂


warthog ugly 5

“Wart”hogs may not have the most efficient dermatologist, but I still find them cute in their own way! Don’t you? 😉

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