Things not to forget to take on your African safari

There’s no doubt that taking an African safari could be the most thrilling adventure of your life. Between the gorgeous natural scenery and exotic wildlife, you and your loved ones would certainly make unforgettable memories on a Botswana or Tanzania Safari.

However, taking precautions is critical in enjoying your African excursion and there are some essential African safari items you must consider before the trip.

Each day, we’re confronted with the importance of wearing sunscreen to prevent premature aging, sunburns, skin cancer and more. Applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses on a daily basis is critical, especially when travelling to tropical locations where you spend excessive amounts of time outdoors.

Wearing sunglasses is imperative to avoid eye damage and to avoid blinding sunlight when journeying around. However, bringing your favourite pair of designer glasses is definitely a no-no, as the intense activity will require more durable shades.

Africa is noted for being one of the few places on earth that has the strongest UV levels year-round, making sunscreen and sunglasses an undeniable necessity for a Tanzania or Botswana safari.

Another critical item to bring on your Botswana or Tanzania safari is a travel-sized first aid kid. As stated earlier, safety management is vital in making the most out of your African adventure.

You can easily create your own first aid kit to ensure you have everything you could possibly need, while simultaneously packing it into a travel-friendly container.

A few fundamental first aid items include: first aid ointment, bismuth tablets, bug repellent, thermometer, sanitizing wet wipes, anti-allergy tablets, band aids, gauze pads, hydrogen peroxide, painkillers and more. Accidents are a part of life and they are bound to happen, especially when participating in an active Botswana or Tanzania safari.

Therefore, bringing hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to cleanse and disinfect wounds is essential. Band aids, gauze pads and first aid ointment are also necessary for possible wounds.

Changes in bodily function are also a natural reaction to travelling, so packing bismuth subsalicylate pills like Pepto Bismol can be tremendously helpful. With a wide array of insects in Africa that may carry malaria, bringing a strong bug spray is also important.

Of course it is also a necessity to arrange malaria treatment before setting off. With changes in altitude and climate, fevers and headaches may make an unwelcome appearance, so packing a thermometer and painkillers are important for your safari.

Ultimately, packing for a Tanzania or Botswana safari is easy, as long as you make safety a priority.

Simply taking a few precautions on your holiday will result in an unbeatable, exciting safari.

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