Top 10 most elegant antelope species of the African bushveld – Part Three


Two young males!

A robust, somewhat “overweight” animal found in small herds and dominated by a bull. As its name implies, waterbucks love water though they will often venture some distance away from it to feed.

Two subspecies co-exist: the Common Waterbuck with a distinctive white ring on its rear (see below), and the Defassa Waterbuck that has a white rump patch.

Aim at the target…with your camera of course!

Did you know?

Just for the fun of it: do you know why common waterbucks have an elliptical ring around the rump? No? Read on…

When Noah built his Ark, the vessel’s toilet seats were painted in white. Unfortunately for the waterbuck, it had drank too much water (as always…), and couldn’t resist the loo even though the toilet seats weren’t dry yet…very funny I know! 🙂 😉


Springbok have heavily ringed, lyre-shaped horns!

“Springs” into the air with a pronking action! The springbok is the only gazelle found beneath the Zambezi river. It has very good eyesight and is highly gregarious. It is the symbol of South Africa’s rugby team: the “bokke”!

Springbok Pronking Video!

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Springbok pronking


A delicate antelope like no other!

A slender mix between an impala and a giraffe, which, just like the latter, also happens to eat acacia leaves! The gerenuk is considered as a browser and inhabits areas of dry bush and scrub.

Reaching for acacia leaves!


Male bushbuck in running motion!

Attractive medium-sized antelope found mostly around rivers, forests and dense bush areas. The bushbuck is mainly nocturnal but may sometimes be observed on early mornings/late afternoon game drives (when undisturbed). Interestingly enough, the bushbuck varies from light to dark brown in colour according to the region in which it lives.

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