Top 10 most elegant antelope species of the African bushveld – Part Two


Posing for the perfect shot.

The fourth-largest antelope species of the continent. Not to be confused with the sable; it is lighter in colour, has shorter horns with long tasseled ears and a clown mask. Absolutely stunning creature.


Superb female impala.

The most common African antelope species out of them all. Known as the “McDonald’s” of the bush for their black and white “M-shaped” markings on the bum, it is the one animal that you just can’t miss while on a safari.

And the “Emmy Award” for most precious bum goes to…?

Impalas have acute hearing and are known for their loud uttered snorts capable of frightening elephants. They are extremely agile fellows and excellent jumpers.

The antelope is preyed upon by most of the big predators: the lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, etc. In my opinion it is the most gracile animal of the African savanna.

Bachelor herd.

NB: The black tufts above the hooves on the hind legs conceal scent glands, which they use to attract a mate.


The gemsbok has been known to impale lions on its pointed horns: ouch.

When one first thinks of the gemsbok (also known as the oryx), it is immediately associated with sand dunes and desert regions. As some people put it, it is “the spirit of the desert embodied in an antelope”.

Although arid habitat is typically where the animal is found, it can also occasionally be encountered in savanna and mopane woodland. If you’re a fan of these breathtaking antelopes be sure to visit Tsavo National Park in Kenya, or the well-known Etosha Pans of Namibia.

More elegant antelopes feature in Part Three

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