Top 3 animated movies – best animated films on Africa

There are times for work, and there are times for FUN! 🙂 Today I’d like to share some of those moments where you’d rather get entertained than read the usual serious, informative, and “boring” stuff (my articles are never “boring” I know lol, but still…). For a change, let me share with you the very best of animated films on Africa (at least in my mind).

Enjoy! 😉

3. Tarzan (Walt Disney)

Date of Release: 1999.

A memorable love story between a young feral man (named Tarzan), and Jane Porter, a ravishing lady who arrives from England with a team of human explorers.

Tarzan Soundtrack

Music: You’ll be in my heart (Phil Collins).

Tarzan Trailer

2. Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa (DreamWorks)

Date of Release: 2008.

Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippo return for an unforgettable adventure that takes them to Africa.

I Like to Move it Music Video

Music: I like to move it (

Madagascar 2 Trailer

1. The Lion King (Walt Disney)

Date of Release: 1994.

My favorite all time Walt Disney movie by a mile! 🙂

Simba, Nala and friends are having lots of fun in their African Kingdom, until little Simba is evicted by his uncle Scar who seizes the throne.

Lion King Official Soundtrack

Music: The circle of life (Elton John).

The Lion King Original Trailer

Most Memorable Scene: Under the Stars

Pumbaa to Timon: “Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?”

Timon’s response: ?

Find out below, it’s a classic! 🙂

Other Walt Disney Productions Worth Checking Out

  • Cheetah (1989).
  • African Cats (In theatres on Earth Day 2011).

What’s your Favorite Animated Movie on Africa? Please Comment Below…


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