Top 3 at-risk animal species in Africa

1. Rhino

– The price per pound for rhino horn is valued at $29 500 + (worth more than gold or cocaine).

– The total world rhino population has drastically declined: from 200 000 individuals at the start of the twentieth century to roughly 29 000 today.

– Over 70% of the world’s rhinos currently live in South Africa.

2. Elephant

$8-10 billion annual generation of illegal horn and ivory trade worldwide.

– In 1979 there were over 1.3 million African elephants roaming in the wild. In 2013, the figures dropped down to 400-470 000 animals.

8% of the African elephant’s population is being poached each year.

3. Lion

– Lion bones are a substitute for scarce tiger bones used in traditional Chinese medicine.

– In the last 100 years, its population declined from 200 000 + to 32 000 max.

Endangered Species Africa - At Risk Animals

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