Top 5 most beautiful African overland spots

NB: The selection of places is based on my recent Africa overland trip, and was compiled from my own point of view.

This is MY top 5…what’s yours??? 🙂

1. Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Uganda

What to look forward to…

– The “spectacular” view of the lake.

– The tranquility of the area.

– The sympathy of the locals.

– The food.

Not the best…

– The “archaic” showers and lack of hot water.

– The staff efficiency (especially for food; takes forever).

2. Nile River Explorers Adventure Centre, Jinja (Uganda)

Highlights of my stay there…

– The breathtaking view of the White Nile river from the splendid deck, with the gentle noise of the rapids in the background.

– The warmth of the people (both staff & locals).

– Full day white water rafting down the Nile: not to be missed if in the area! 😉

– The vocal cries of Red-tailed guenons, Vervet monkeys and Eastern Grey Plantain-eaters (bird type).

3. Spitzkoppe Campsite, Namibia

Why you will love the campsite as much as I did…

– The setting is unique in so many ways: the area, for instance, is dominated by weird-looking boulders, cliffs and crevices of all shapes and sizes; it feels almost lunar!

– Many specialists believe it is one of the best places for stargazing in the southern hemisphere. It sure is extra special whilst sleeping under the starlit sky…way better than the so-called “5 star” hotels! 😉

– Lovely walks can be organized through the campsite’s entrance. Be sure to trek around Bushman’s paradise, home to intriguing bushman rock art.

– The photographic opportunities are absolutely endless out there, so make sure your batteries are charged (no way to charge them in the middle of the desert) and your camera still has plenty of empty space left.


While the day is usually extremely hot (45 °C +), nights can get real chilly so it is highly recommended that you wear warm clothes and carry around a comfortable sleeping bag (especially if you’re planning to sleep outside).

4. The Zambezi Waterfront Lodge, Livingstone (Victoria Falls: Zambia)

Why choose the Waterfront?

– There’s nothing more enjoyable than a refreshing Mosi (local Zambian beer) whilst contemplating the uniqueness of the mighty Zambezi river!

– Lots of activities can be planned from the Waterfront, thanks to Safari Par Excellence. Some of them include boat cruises, rafting on the Zambezi, bungee jumping, game drives to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, microlighting, etc.

– The Waterfront Lodge is less than 10 minutes away from the Victoria Falls entrance (about 4 km upstream from the Falls; you can actually see the spray from the waterfall in the video).

What you may (or may not) like as much…

– The location is a popular overland stop so it can get rather noisy at times (most especially on “booze cruise” nights ;)).

– There’s a wild bunch of Vervet monkeys that roam on the spot. While the little fellows are very cute, they are also known to be “very” naughty! Watch out for your breakfast! 🙂

5. Sunset Bungalows, Kendwa Beach (Zanzibar: Tanzania)

What you should look forward to @ Sunset Bungalows…

– The stunning beach and crystal clear waters!

– A scuba centre, “Scuba Do Zanzibar”, which offers snorkeling, try-dives for beginners and full PADI Open-Water + PADI Advanced courses. Mnemba Island is only about an hour 1/2 away by boat (depending on how powerful the speedboat is).

– Great food (yummy seafood mhhhhhh) and an impressive cocktail list! To be enjoyed with moderation of course! 😉

Things you should be aware of…

– “Bob Marley” cigarettes and “space” cakes. Be careful not to get caught buying any of those as you will most likely end up in jail. Not the smartest of ideas! 😉

– Local sellers and hasslers. Most of them are really nice (had quite a few interesting conversations with Masai people), but some can get annoying when you don’t buy their stuff. Stay polite but be clear when you’re not interested.


I traveled with Acacia Africa on this African safari expedition. For more information on this amazing trip, visit the 58-day Ultimate African Overlander.

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    I would like to visit your area, keep on maintaining it for the betterment of the world.

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