Topmost safari lodges to make your trip more luxurious

When tourists plan a trip to South Africa, most of them want to go on a safari, to see the famous “big 5” wild animals that live here. Kruger National Park is the destination of choice for many.

The Kruger is the top National Park in South Africa, and with its good roads and lodges, it is possible to do a self-driving trip through the park. You can see a fair amount this way, but you are limited to what you can see from the road.

Staying in a luxury safari lodge

If you stay in one of the top safari lodges, you will pay more, but have a far superior trip. Their expert guides and capable vehicles can take you off the beaten track, which means that you can go where the animals are.

In addition, the best safari lodges offer amazing accommodations, with luxurious facilities that make the most of their environment. Most of the lodges are located on private reserves right next to Kruger. With few tourists on the reserve, you get an unparalleled wildlife viewing experience.

When you have a highly skilled private guide, it is not uncommon to see incredible sights, like a leopard making a kill, a lioness with her cubs, black and white rhinos, or a baby elephant with its mother. It is the guide’s expertise that makes these unique experiences possible.

Most of the top safari camps offer luxury accommodations, on an all-inclusive basis. You pay a steep price (over $1,000 per person per night), but that price includes everything. It covers high quality gourmet meals, alcoholic beverages, game drives and walking safaris, and guide services.

Even laundry is generally included. The only things you will pay for in addition are extras like spa treatments or hot air balloon flights.

Royal Malewane

The Royal Malewane luxury lodge was rated as the 3rd best hotel in the world, by Travel + Leisure magazine. Many consider it the top safari lodge in the world, and for good reason. This super exclusive resort has only eight suites, along with a main house which can accommodate 12 guests.

The rooms have a classic African style that conjures up images of Hemingway. Each suite is very spacious, with its own private deck and infinity pool, overlooking the wild landscape. You have luxurious indoor bathrooms, as well as an outdoor shower.

The restaurant is a place to meet your fellow guests, and discuss the day’s sightings. Each week, the lodge holds a traditional South African event known as a “braai” at its outdoor barbecue area.

Singita Ebony and Boulders

Singita is a major company in the world of luxury safari lodges, with several different camps. Ebony and Boulders placed 2nd best in Travel + Leisure’s ranking of top hotels in the world. Each of these camps has just 12 luxurious suites.

The adjacent camps are located in the Sabi Sands area, known as the best spot on earth for viewing leopards. Like Royal Malewane, each suite has its own private infinite pool, a lavish bathroom, and an outdoor shower, but these lodges have a more modern, luxurious style.

Here, you will find floor to ceiling windows, and the finest wine collection of any safari lodge (all included in your price).

Motse & Tarkuni Lodges

Located in the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, Motse & Tarkuni Lodges are absolutely breathtaking. The luxurious lodges are surrounded by abundant wildlife and unparalleled landscapes. Tourists will see black-maned lions, cheetahs, desert zebras and meerkats during their stay at the Motse & Tarkuni Lodges.

This amazing resort has 8 guest homes built in local stone, red earth, and thick thatch. Each one has en-suite bathroom, indoor-outdoor showers, an open fireplace, Wi-Fi, and numerous other exquisite amenities that will delight your senses.

The wild territories of South Africa are just amazing. The landscapes, the luxurious lodges, and the safari experiences will help you build some unforgettable memories. Believe it or not, this is an excellent destination for a honeymoon or romantic escapade.

The quietness of the territory, the welcoming people, their customs and traditional lifestyle will amaze you. And if that’s not enough, everything here is incredibly affordable, even if you’re staying in a high-end resort.


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