Two of my favourite places on Earth

Guest Post by Kate Turkington.

I’m the quintessential old Africa hand – I’ve lived in Africa (West and South) for most of my life, I write for Fodor’s on East and Southern Africa, as well as being a regular columnist and travel writer for the South African Sunday Independent.

I’m just back from two of my favourite places on earth – both in Botswana – the Okavango Delta and the Central Kalahari. If it’s game and birdlife you want to see – with very few people (unlike Kenya and Tanzania) – then Botswana is the place for you.

I was in a very small boat in a mega thunderstorm in the Delta where lightning zigzagged across the sky and the thunder boomed and rolled. As the storm subsided, an elephant decided to charge. Luckily, at the last moment he changed his mind and lumbered grumpily off.

In the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (one of the largest in the world), the great black-maned Kalahari lions roared round my tent all night. In the early dawn, three lionesses stopped for a drink at a nearby waterhole.

The world’s heaviest flying bird – the Kori Bustard – stalked the plains as fat herds of stately oryx grazed the green grasses, and sleek springbok jumped and skipped.

Green in the desert? Yes, because this is late summer, the rains have been good, and the desert has burst into life.

You’ve got to come and see for yourself!

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