Typical bird species on your African safari – Part Two

Southern Ground-Hornbill

Where’s my dinner???

The African savanna’s turkey! 🙂

Female is distinguished from male thanks to its blue throat patch .

Voice: A loud, booming duet ‘ooomph-ooomph’, given on early mornings.

Habitat: Savanna, woodlands and grasslands.

Range: Central Kenya and Southern Congo, south to Central Botswana and Eastern South Africa.

African Hoopoe

The African hoopoe erects its crest when alarmed (® Luc Viatour)!

One of the only African bird species with a “punk-like” crest , and a long decurved bill! Has an impressive fly, like a giant butterfly with pied wings!

Call: A frequently uttered ‘hoop-hoop-hoop’.

Habitat: Wooded savannas, open parklands and suburbs. Used to have a few of them in our garden in Johannesburg. Very funny little birds that walk at a very fast pace, probing the soil with their extended bill! 🙂

Range: Found throughout Africa.


Female specimen!

The world’s largest and heaviest bird, and the only one with just two toes! Flightless. Males are black with white wings while females are a dull brown, with “dirty” white wings. Sorry ladies, but in the animal kingdom males are usually more attractive than females! For once we can be proud of ourselves lol… 🙂 😉

Call: Usually heard at night or when displaying; a loud booming call, ‘boo-boo-booo-hooo’ (sounds like a cry when you write it down 😉 ). Believe it or not, but the noise itself is very similar to the roar of a lion. Scaaary! 🙂 Ostriches can also whistle!

Habitat: Open semi-arid plains and woodlands.

Range: Southern edge of the Sahara and Sahel, and through much of East Africa. Southern race also widespread, especially in farming areas where they are raised for their eggs, feathers, meat and skin.

Klein Aus Vista ostrich farm! Male or female?

Did you know? A single ostrich egg can provide an omelet for at least 10 people (or 12 moderate eaters)! Yummy! 🙂

Find more bird species to see while on safari in Part Three

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