Typical bird species on your African safari

African Fish-Eagle

Only one word: MAJESTIC!

Undoubtedly Africa’s most striking symbol, and Zambia’s national emblem. The fish-eagle is unmistakable with its white head and breast, chestnut belly and forewings, black under-wings and white tail. Sex alike but female is generally larger.

Zambia’s National Flag!

Voice: Loud, piercing, cheerful yelp. ‘Kyow-kow-kow’ type. 🙂

Habitat: Aquatic: rivers, lakes and dams. Feeds on fish.

Range: Sub-Saharan Africa.

Helmeted Guineafowl

At night these birds roost in groups in trees!

Not the most intelligent of creatures :), but rather pretty and intriguing nonetheless! Both sexes have a casque on the head, but the male’s “helmet” is longer.

Voice: ‘krrdii-krrdii-krrdii-krrdii’. Impressive, huh? Who would’ve thought in the first place that I, Africafreak, could speak guineafowl language?! 🙂 😉

Habitat: All types of open and wooded grasslands + coastal forests.

Range: Most of Sub-Saharan Africa, except in rainforests and the Somali region.

Grey (Southern) Crowned Crane

Who said the lion is the king of the jungle?

Highly characteristic with its stunning bristly crown!

Voice: Trumpeting ‘may hem’ flight call (not to be confused with the Norwegian black metal band lol).

Habitat: Grasslands, flooded plains, marshes and agricultural land.

Range: Most of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Lilac-Breasted Roller

One of the most colourful of African birds out there!

A stunningly exquisite bird that you are most likely to encounter during a game drive. “Rolls” in display and explodes in a myriad of colours when giving chase.

Voice: A loud guttural rak-rak sound.

Habitat: Grasslands and wooded acacia savannas. Perches conspicuously, and is habitually found on termite mounds or telephone wires from where it scans the ground for large insects.

Range: The bird’s range coincides with the great wildlife corridors of Eastern and Southern Africa.

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