Update from the Shamwari Game Reserve: May

Just had an update from the Shamwari Game Reserve, and the students there have been involved in Veterinary work this past few months. They have enjoyed learning about the day to day life of the vets living on the reserve, and actually got involved in some of the jobs and tasks they have to perform, as well as getting engaged in other general conservation work!

There is a research project happening to discover more about the African Horse Disease, which is a highly infectious and deadly disease that can affect horses, mules, donkeys and zebras. The students were involved in darting zebras on the reserve, in order to retrieve blood samples to help in the understanding of the disease and hopefully find a way to stop it once and for all.

They also helped to dart and move Buffaloes, and spent a day at the rehab centre with the wealth of animals there (warthog, zebra, buffalo, white rhino baby, caracal and white lion cubs) and they helped feed and clean the enclosures.

Some students helped to chop down and tame the invasion of Australian Beefwood, which is a tree that unfortunately spreads very quickly and uses a lot of natural water, which is not great for Shamwari (as the Eastern Cape is very drought stricken), but the students managed to stop the damage for now!

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