Useful Editing Tips

Things to consider when submitting your content:

1. Image resizing

Ideal images = 50-100 KB max (the smaller the better). If not, please resize them. If you don’t know how to do this, we suggest you use a free tool called GIMP.

2. Image use

While images are highly recommended, please ensure that the images are either your own, are royalty-free (e.g. iStockphoto) or fall under what is known as a “creative commons” agreement. In that case nevertheless, make sure you still acknowledge the author.

NB: To add the copyright symbol (©), simultaneously use the following keys: CTRL + 0169 (PC users; hold alt/option + g for mac).

To add an image, click on “Add an Image” inside your admin (first icon):

Click on Browse… to search the image you want from your computer, then on Upload.

3. Saving your Work

Save Draft when you still need to work on your article.

Preview your article by either clicking on “Preview page” (only visible after saving) or “Preview”.


Submit for Review when you are completely satisfied with your article (article ready for moderation).

4. Enter a few Tags

Tags are keywords used to describe your content. By adding appropriate tags, it helps the visitor to find your information with ease.

5. Contributor Admin Video: The Basics!

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