WATCH – How did Trevor Noah cope in his debut as Daily Show host?

Following in John Stewart’s footsteps as host of the Daily Show is the toughest job in TV right now. Step up, Trevor Noah.

The South African comedian made his debut on America’s favourite tongue-in-cheek news programme last night. “The family has a new stepdad,” Noah quipped. “And he’s black.”

Shrugging off rumours that other potential hosts had turned down the assignment, Noah said: “Once again, a job Americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant.”

Here’s what Variety TV columnist Brian Lowry had to say about John Stewart’s South African reincarnation:

“Despite anticipation (and perhaps some dread) that Trevor Noah would bring a new spin to “The Daily Show,” there was clearly scant interest in reinventing the wheel – or rather, changing the orbit of the globe. That said, Noah’s debut found him looking more at ease and in command than he ever did as a correspondent, exhibiting a self-effacing streak about replacing Jon Stewart and a facility for selling jokes at the desk. While Stewart left big shoes to fill, Noah’s first at bat suggests the format remains durable enough to let him find his footing.”

Watch Noah’s opening gambit to the Daily Show’s three million-strong audience below:

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