Water for elephants – and businesses, and the environment

Wild animals in care need water, of course, as do people and buildings. Put all this together and any conservation operation is looking at using a large quantity of water – that’s just reality.

Water, however, is also a hot environmental issue, and the ecologically-minded are always looking for ways to reduce the impact of their water usage. What’s the solution?

Simple: install a rainwater harvester. This is among the most green and convenient methods of storing and using water. When the Colobus Trust rebuilt their roof earlier this year, it provided the perfect opportunity to go one step further.

If your roof is at the right angle it can conduct rainwater into gutters, which can then empty into pipes. A tank can hold the water and then release it as needed.

Because of its nature, the rainwater harvester can vary in size, shape and complexity, thus suiting whatever needs you have. It’s also extra environmentally-friendly in that it prevents runoff and soil erosion.

Remember, if it’s for people usage, filters will have to feature to make it safe for drinking, but a more basic system can be used to collect water for other important activities such as cleaning, cooling and flushing toilets.

And for conservationists, the system can provide lovely fresh water for growing plants and feeding animals. They’ll be sure to appreciate it!

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