Westerner asks Internet to help him overcome Africa biases – Reddit responds

As we’ve been reporting quite a lot recently, folk in the West are beginning to pick up on the fact that the view of Africa they receive from the mainstream media is rather skewed, and certainly biased.

#TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou campaign has already stormed Twitter and Instagram this summer and now similar feelings are beginning to bubble over into the ‘front page of the Internet’, Reddit.

Western Reddit user AutomatonEmbalmed posted the below message onto the website’s Africa board last week.

hi everyone!
I’ve read a little bit about how a lot of western media misrepresent what Africa is like and I am definitely influenced by that. I want to overcome this ‘Africa is a shithole and everyone is poor’ bias. What is the best way to get in contact with truths? maybe documentaries, films, local news sources, podcasts, books, really; recommend anything that will give me an accurate picture!

The subreddit’s readers and moderators quickly jumped in to answer his query…

Some suggested books:

“Read ‘Things Fall Apart’, by Chinua Achebe. It captures the struggle of traditional African society merging with the modern world very well.” – ChockBox

“I’d recommend reading ‘The Fate of Africa’, it’s a good read that delves into the history of the continent and its diversity.” – juiceboxheero

I would also highly recommend Chimamanda Ngozi Aidichie, especially her novel “Purple Hibiscus” – peter_doerrie

Podcasts are great too:

“You asked for podcasts so this is the shameless self-promotion part. I’m co-hosting ‘Return to the Source’, a podcast discussing African affairs and excellent writing about Africa.” – peter_doerrie

Blogs, social media accounts:

“I’d recommend blogs and instagrams like Dynamic Africa and Everyday Africa.” – thesyntaxofthings

While some opined that there is only one way to see the real truth about Africa:

“Come visit. And be open minded. People who come only expecting to see poverty can certainly manage to think that’s all they saw.” – dbag127

Image via Franco Folini

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