What’s new at Shamwari Game Reserve?

With Spring in the air it’s been a busy time for staff and volunteers alike at Shamwari Game Reserve. Here’s what’s been going on:

Animal Rehab Centre

The vets and volunteers have had their hands full with a whole host of new creatures to look after. A Cape Spotted Eagle Owl with one injured wing, five baby springbuck, and a litter of jackal pups have recently been checked in, but are all making a good recovery and should be able to return to the outdoors with a little more love and attention before they go.

Some of the students have really gone above and beyond, staying overnight with the youngest animals in order to care for and feed them.

Leopard On the Move

The reserve’s leopard recently gave birth and has been staying in the den to nurse her cub, but now both mother and baby have been spotted in the great outdoors. Junior needs to learn to hunt, so is going out with mother leopard on hunts – which means their movements will be easy to track.

Baby Antelopes

Most of the resident species of antelope will be starting to produce young, now that spring is here and the weather’s warming up nicely. Soon the reserve will be dotted with brand new antelopes – as ever, a delight to see!

The Nursery

To help grow healthy and abundant vegetables, a new fertilizer production system has been introduced in the form of a worm farm. Nature’s own way of fertilizing the soil will prove useful as the worms take food cuttings and work their wonders – expect more updates on this brand new project.

The Fun Run

A team of volunteers from the reserve put together a great fundraising activity to support the annual run in Alexandria – a face painting booth for children! Before unleashing their talents on the public they had a chance to practice on each other, with some weird and wonderful results!

As you can see it’s all good – expect more reports on all aspects of life at the Shamwari Game Reserve as time goes on.

For more photos about Shamwari, check out this great blog. If you want to see what the Voice of Conservation has been up to, don’t forget to check her Facebook.

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