What is a group of gorillas called?

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I recently received an interesting question from one of our readers, and it goes like this:

“What is a group of gorillas called?”

Great question.

While I’ve already answered this in the past in a special post entitled: “What are groups of African animals called?”, perhaps I should give a little refresher.

A group of gorillas is called a band or a troop (less common is a “whoop” of gorillas). And no, it’s not the kind of “band” you’re likely to find at popular concerts or festivals! 😉

Gorillas typically live in tropical rainforests, mountains and lowlands of central Africa.

A band of gorillas usually consists of a dominant male (silverback), a few females and their offspring.

Gorillas are predominantly herbivores. They live on a vegetarian diet of leaves, bamboo shoots, fruit and roots. Occasionally, they will also feed on insects (ants and termites).

There are 4 subspecies of gorillas on our beautiful planet: the mountain gorilla, eastern lowland gorilla, western lowland gorilla, and cross river gorilla.

All four subspecies are either endangered or critically endangered. Major threats include hunting (mainly for bushmeat), habitat loss and infectious diseases.

I’ve had the privilege to encounter them in Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. You’re welcome to check out my gorilla safari experience in Bwindi from A to Z.

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  1. Bwindi Guide August 28, 2017 at 3:23 pm #

    Thank you Michael for educating us on that. I find the term “troop” commonly used. I have just heard of “whoop”. This is a great share for our community! Hope I can share that on my website. Thanks.

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