What to see and where to go in Botswana

Exotic Botswana is a mecca for those who love the idea of watching and being among wildlife in their natural habitat. Interesting Botswana safari destinations make getting up close to fascinating species of wildlife more possible than ever before. Luxury safaris are the only way to see this beautiful, wild and pristine expanse of earth.

Visitors in the area can take a Botswana safari cruise through the famous Chobe National Park, a premier visitor destination. Huge concentrations of wildlife are found here, including over 100,000 elephants which are seen along the path of this interesting cruise.

It is advised to plan a holiday in Botswana during the cooler winter months, which last from about May until October.

Elephants in Chobe National Park, Botswana.

Wild animals are the main attraction in Botswana and they are plentiful here. Visitors can expect to see elephants, black rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalo, along with sightings of giraffes, antelopes, zebras, hippos and wildebeest.

Those enjoying a Botswana safari should also watch for over 70 unique species of snakes and reptiles that are plentiful.

Another famous site in Botswana is the Okavango Delta which cuts through the heart of the Kalahari Desert.

This unique area features a water system, allowing many species of wildlife to thrive here.

Canoe rides are a wonderful way to see everything the beautiful Okavango Delta has to offer.

Cruising the Okavango Delta.

The Tuli Block is extremely rich in wildlife in eastern Botswana and shares a border with Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Once home to many farms, the land was turned over to become a wildlife viewing area for economical and conservation reasons.

Wildlife can be viewed year round at the Tuli Block.

Admiring the view at Tuli Block.

Lovers of art will be thrilled by visiting Tsodilo hills. This art gallery with spiritual roots is one of few outdoor art galleries.

There are over 4,000 paintings here done on rock that were painted by ancient San Bushmen. Nearly 400 paintings show scenes of hunting, animals and dancing.

Many visitors are fascinated to learn that this is a famous UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hiking through the hills is the best way to see this interesting outdoor gallery.

No visit to Botswana would be complete without seeing the famous Mokolodi Game Reserve. A short distance from the capital of Botswana – Gaborone – this private reserve is accessible by car.

Visitors enjoy walks through the reserve and see it on game drives or on popular night drives.

Any way one chooses to take a holiday in Botswana, they will leave with many memories of rich experiences.

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