Google Earth to save the African elephants

Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton is a renowned zoologist known for his conservation efforts in Africa, and is the founder of “Save The Elephants“!

In this video, Iain explains how Google Earth is used as a tool to help the elephants. As he puts it, the elephants are going through tough times at the moment:

  1. There’s a terrible drought going on in Kenya.
  2. The price of ivory has gone up.
  3. Poaching is increasing.

The organization Save The Elephants primarily looks at Elephant decision-making through studying their movements. The aim is to understand their needs, because if we can…only then can we secure their future!

Google Earth provides a very easy way to find out what the elephants are up to and where they’re going!

Enjoy! 😉

Broadcaster: Google.


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  1. John Harvey January 11, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    Interesting stuff Michael and a very informative website – thanks.

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