Where can you enjoy discount holidays in Africa?

Africa hardly seems like the kind of destination where you can expect to pick up great discount holidays! You would be forgiven for thinking that as the continent is so far away that prices are likely to cost a fortune.

In actual fact, Africa is home to a number of fantastic holiday destination choices offering a range of experiences from blissed out beach life to exciting safaris. Today we outline some of the best destinations for those looking for bargain holidays on this beautiful and diverse continent.

1 – Morocco

Spices Square – Marrakech.

Whether you long for a surfer’s paradise or a bustling city break, Morocco has an abundance of options. Both Fez and Marrakech are famous for their Arabesque architecture, UNESCO World Heritage sites and overflowing, colourful medinas.

Book yourself into a traditional riad and enjoy a little respite from the frantic city life. Top surf destinations include Taghazout and Agadir and if you want to team the surf with a little yoga and meditation, there are some good deals to be found all year round.

2 – Gambia

If you are in need of some winter-sun in a destination that offers fantastic value for money then The Gambia could be just the place for you. The country is relatively small so if you wish, you can travel around to a couple of different areas to really get a feel for things – it also gives you the option to combine beach time with a spot of culture.

Sukuta Region (Western Division)…

If the culture part is top of your list – then you should seek an invitation to a Gambian compound where you can meet members of the country’s traditional tribes – Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, Jola.

3– Cape Verde

If all that you are seeking from your discount holiday is the chance to laze around on the beach, splash about in blue waters when the sunshine gets too much and get through those five books that you have downloaded on your Kindle, then Cape Verde should be your destination.

Boats at the Salt Mine – Sal.

The archipelago located off the coast of West Africa has long been a popular choice with Portuguese holidaymakers. However – with destinations like Sal earning global recognition for enjoying 350 days of sunshine, it is easy to see why it is growing in popularity at an impressive rate.

4 – Ghana

Paddle Boy.

If you crave a little adventure from your bargain holiday then why not opt for a getaway to Ghana? The interior of the country is hugely popular with active tourists who want to mountain bike or trek.

It’s also a great destination if you want to volunteer whilst you are away – you could help to teach or to build a new classroom. There are a fantastic array of options in Ghana for those who get bored within five minutes of lying on the beach!

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