Why you should treat yourself to a Botswana safari honeymoon

If you are looking for an exotic and breathtaking destination for your honeymoon, Botswana is the destination for you. A Botswana safari is a once in a lifetime experience, ideal for sharing with the love of your life. Starting a marriage with a unique bonding experience such as a Botswana honeymoon will provide you with forever lasting memories.

Imagine exploring many different ecosystems, each with its own variety of flora and fauna guaranteed to awe. Air, land, and water unite in Botswana, with pleasant surprises around every corner. Experience the beauty of the country on a fly-in or mobile Botswana honeymoon, seeing wildlife that can’t be found in the wild in any other region of the world.

Safari Activities and Accommodations

Your Botswana honeymoon can feature luxury camping excursions in deserts and wetlands, views of panoramic horizons, close encounters with game, and many other unique experiences you and your partner will never forget.

Expect to see many exotic animals in their natural habitat such as lions, cape foxes, eland herds, roan antelope, elephants, vervet monkeys, honey badgers, waterbuck, oryx, crocodiles, zebras, leopards, jackals and many more!

Though you may have seen some of these animals in your city zoo, there is nothing like seeing them close up and in person on a safari that has been personalized to meet your tastes and desires.

Explore Chobe National Park, Caprivi Strip, Vic Falls, and the Okavango Delta with accommodation in camps and lodges; or travel in style in a honeymoon houseboat. Botswana is home to some of the most exquisite safari lodges on the continent, making it ideal for a honeymoon destination hot spot.

There are many luxury honeymoon packages for Botswana safaris that will suit the needs of any couple, no matter how adventurous you may be! If you require wheelchair accessibility, your travel agent can help make these accommodations for you. Honeymoon safari tours in Botswana can cater to all of your needs.

Culture and Customs

There are many different tribes and ethnic groups in Botswana, each of which possesses a unique culture. There is an overlapping of cultural aspects within the region, but the areas in which they differ are what make the experience so fabulous.

The people of Botswana are humble and welcoming, creating a beautiful environment for a honeymoon. Enjoy delicious food, exhilarating dance, and so much more.

The Best Honeymoon Experience

A Botswana safari will provide you with an unforgettable honeymoon, of which details and stories will be passed on with joy for generations to come. Treat yourself to an extraordinary Botswana honeymoon to celebrate your marriage and make unforgettable memories.


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