Safari guides worth having a look…

Most of the following is a list of items I personally possess, or ones that are highly appealing to the general public.

African Wildlife

by David Hosking & Martin B. Withers.

One of the first safari guides I ever bought. 🙂

– What I love about the book: Great illustrations, key facts, distribution, habits, conservation and status. Very easy to use.

Criticism: The edition is a little outdated. A refresher could only be beneficial to this quality item.

by Mitsuaki Iwago.

I will always remember the day I first got this book from my parents. I was only 5 or 6 at the time, but it is perhaps the one book that REALLY made me fall in love with Africa and its extraordinary wildlife.

Mitsuaki is more than just a photographer, he is an ARTIST! A MUST BUY if you are looking for the perfect birthday present. Guaranteed! 😉

by Clive Walker.

A field guide to the spoor & signs of the mammals of southern Africa.

My “bible” when it comes to field guides for southern Africa. 🙂

Here are some of the features that make this guide absolutely SPECIAL:

– The environmental glossary for key terms and definitions.

– Stunning illustrations for each species.

Concise descriptions and distribution maps.

–  Animal names translation into the main local languages: Afrikaans, Shona, Ndebele, Zulu, Siswati, Venda, Tswana/Sotho and Nama/Damara.

– What I particularly like about the book: faeces and spoor sections (illustrated) + comparative spoor illustrations.

by Richard D. Estes.

The most complete guide to watching African mammals.

This incredible guide has it all: behavioural displays of species (e.g. territorial marking, aggression, courtship rituals), illustrations, extensive maps, wildlife photography tips and vegetation zones.

Only downturn: can get a little too technical and lacks colour photography.


by J.G. Williams (Author) & Norman Arlott (Illustrator).

1,283 species described and over 650 colour illustrations.

by Norman Arlott (Author), Phil Hockey (Author), Ian Sinclair (Author) & Peter Hayman (Illustrator).

Similar to one of the earlier versions (which I have),  but completely revised and updated. Bird species name changes, distribution maps edited and revised bird taxonomy.

by Ian Sinclair (Author), Phil Hockey (Author), Warwick Tarboton (Author), Peter Hayman (Illustrator) & Norman Arlott (Illustrator).

General Africa Travel Guides

by Mary Fitzpatrick, Tim Bewer & Matthew Firestone.

‘Best for curious and independent-minded travelers’Wall Street Journal

by Alan Murphy, Kate Armstrong, Matthew Firestone, Mary Fitzpatrick, Michael Grosberg, Nana Luckham & Andy Rebold.

‘For sheer global reach and dogged research, attention must be paid to Lonely Planet…’Los Angeles Times

Safari Tales

  • Don’t Look Behind You!: A Safari Guide’s Encounters with Ravenous Lions, Stampeding Elephants, and Lovesick Rhinos

by Peter Allison.

“The best compliment you can pay a travel writer is to read his work and feel like you’re right there with him. For more than two hundred pages, I felt like I was in Africa, up to my neck in danger. I don’t even know this guy, but more than once I lay awake at night, worrying for his safety. Enough adventure, action, life lessons, and laughs to fill a movie and four sequels. The fact that Allison survived to write any of this down is a miracle in itself.” —Cash Peters, author of Gullible’s Travels

by Peter Allison.

“His misadventures make Whatever You Do, Don’t Run an absorbing read… The material is rich, and Allison is a gifted storyteller. And the only thing stranger than African fiction is African truth.” —National Geographic Adventure

“After reading this entrancing memoir, an African safari may move to No. 1 on your travel wish list. The only catch is you’ll want the author as your guide.” —Chicago Sun-Times

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