When maternal instincts take over nature’s laws.

Today’s video is certainly one of the most amazing wildlife footage ever recorded on camera. The story takes place in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya (2002). Kamunyak, a young lioness, has baffled wildlife experts by adopting a rather unusual “cub”: a baby oryx!

Mind-boggling, isn’t it? The first time I came across the footage I almost fell off my chair!

One of the questions you might have is: in the end, what happened to the baby oryx? Did the lioness ultimately eat it, or did it live happily ever after?

Unfortunately, not all stories have happy ends. Baby oryx got devoured 16 days later by a hungry male lion, after the two “friends” had gone to the river for a drink.

Other intriguing facts about the story

  • Altogether, the lioness adopted 6 baby oryx calves. While one ended up in a lion’s belly, others were either rescued by the real mother or Kenya Wildlife Service.
  • There are various theories behind the “whys” about this strange behavior. Perhaps the lioness was sterile (very unlikely), or it had a serious hormonal imbalance.
  • Nobody really knows what happened in the lion’s head. The story remains extremely refreshing nevertheless.

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