Very Close Encounter Indeed (Elephant Movie Clip)

3 Ways to Approach an African Elephant REAL Close

NB: Never try this unattended/whilst on foot. For obvious reasons, it is best to stick to the safety of your car.

Rule Number 1: Don’t be in the way (EXTREMELY important)! You always have to position yourself/your vehicle in such a way that you don’t disrupt the elephant’s path.

In other words, never stand between the elephant and where it is heading.

Rule Number 2: Always make sure the animal can see you. The last thing you’d want to do is take an elephant by surprise.

In the latter case scenario, you might get real close to the animal, but then again it might also be the last time you ever see anything (elephant charge = goodbye to you).

It may not be a sound idea after all, huh? 😉

As long as the pachyderm stays nice and relax, it is much more likely to go past you as if you weren’t even there.

Rule Number 3: Be quiet! While you must make sure the elephants sense your presence, if you are too noisy you’ll either scare them away, or… you might be asking for trouble!

At the end of the day, the choice is yours: you either abide to the elephant’s rules or you don’t. Ultimately, you’ll pay the consequences of your act.