Lake Nakuru, picnic time. Or should I rather say: “fighting the monkeys” time? 🙂

Vervet monkeys may not be the largest of the monkey family, but boy are they quick and agile. Especially when there’s food lying around. 😉

Luckily for me, I only ended up with a couple of scratches here and there… on my boot! 🙂

Joking aside, there are things to learn from this emotional encounter:

1. Never leave any food unattended whilst in the wild. Monkeys are renowned “thieves”, and will not hesitate to strike when tempted.

2. Don’t feed wild animals. Whether it is monkeys, or any other wild animal for that matter, this does more harm than anything else.

– Firstly, by feeding a wild animal you create a dependency cycle whereby the animals become accustomed to being fed.

– Secondly, animal feeding may lead to aggressive behavior (in this particular case), or even death (human food is not necessarily good for wild animals).

In other words, minimal interaction = maximal equilibrium.