Overlanding and chores: your personal involvement in the trip

Overlanding is about fun for sure, but it also requires personal involvement in daily activities and chores that are essential to the good functioning of the tour.

Essentially speaking, there are 4 typical duties that one needs to participate in: cooking, washing-up, packing and cleaning. Each individual is part of a specific team, and each team is expected to fulfill certain tasks on a given day. Tasks change over time based on a rotation basis.

Here’s a brief outline of what the four major duties are all about:

1. Cooking

Great work, chef! 🙂

The cook team of the day is requested to assist in the preparation of meals for the group; for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will be asked to clean, cut, stir and fry. It may sound like a lot of work, but most of the time it actually turns out to be a lot of fun!

The other main role of the cook team is to make sure that no ingredients/food supplies are running low. In that case the tour leader should be informed immediately.

2. Washing-Up

1 is to remove excess dirt from the dishes, 2 has the washing liquid, and 3 the disinfectant!

The washing-up group is responsible to clean dishes after each meal, including plates, cutlery, pots, pans, knives and any other cooking utensils. Also, once the equipment is dry, everything needs to be packed away.

3. Packing

One of the packing compartments, and an explanation beneath of what goes where!

Packing involves putting away anything that needs to be back on the truck each morning: tents, flysheets, poles, mattresses, etc.

In addition, the packing team is responsible to pack/unpack tables, chairs, lighting equipment and cooker for each meal.

Ultimately, packing involves setting up the washing up area for meals.

4. Cleaning

This was my home for two months: up to us to keep it nice and tidy at all times!

Cleaners look after the truck and make sure it is nice and tidy at all times. Some of the cleaning chores comprise:

– Removing excess rubbish from the truck and replacing the dustbin bag when needed.

– Emptying excess water from the cooler boxes.

– Sweeping and mopping the truck floor.

– Informing the tour leader if any supplies (such as toilet rolls, bin bags, hand sanitizer, etc.) are running low.

– Double checking that all the truck windows are closed overnight.

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