Jambo rafiki!

As you may already know, I’m currently in South Africa where I just got back from the bush in Pilanesberg National Park. Instead of giving you my typical “safari destinations tips”, I thought I’d do it differently this time. That is to say, expect to see lots of pictures rather than the usual “blabla” words. 🙂

Although this time of the year (December) is summer time in the country, the season is associated with high rainfall. Rain is great for nature, crops and wildlife in general. However, it is not necessarily ideal when it comes to game viewing.

The high water availability means that the animals tend to spread out throughout the park, making it somewhat even more challenging to see them. I love to play hide and seek, but I must admit it was quite a dare this time around. At some point, it almost seemed as if all the animals had vanished. Can anyone tell me where the elephants have gone?

Enjoy your “virtual” safari! 😉

First animal of the day: had to be the elegant impala! 🙂

Pilanesberg Center

Time for a mid-day snack at the park’s restaurant.

Local visitors…

Friendly warthog at the nearby waterhole

Dark-capped bulbul

Don’t you dare approach my chips, dear friend!

Afternoon Game Drive

Highlight of the day: a white rhino

Then, not much… where have you guys all gone? 🙂

Rathlogo Waterhole

Totally recommended

Great way to watch animals unnoticed

What’s Next?

YEAH, a giraffe! 🙂

Common waterbuck

My favourite: yawning hippo!

We almost drove over it!

Female waterbuck (no horns)

No leopards to be seen, but we sure did encounter a “leopard tortoise”!

Have finally found you, Mr. elephant! What took you so long?

Although the lack of light is apparent, I still love the atmosphere of this pic!

Enjoying some freshly grown grass

En garde!

Ain’t no leaflet high enough!

Always refreshing in the heat of the sun

Baby Corner

In Southern Africa, most animal species give birth to their young during the rainy season. It was such a delight to see so many youngsters wandering about.

Baby impala

Its pajama is all creased up

Young red hartebeest

Just for Fun

That FEELS GOOD! Thanks darling!

Is it not possible to get some privacy in here?

Down it goes!

Did you know male elephants had “five” feet? 🙂

It’s what one calls natural sunscreen!

Life couldn’t be better!

Curious francolin

Manyane Resort

A couple of pictures of the hotel I stayed in: Manyane Resort.


– Relatively affordable (+/- R1400 for a double room chalet).

Decent accommodation.

– Only two minutes away from the Manyane entrance gate.


Not a bush lodge: in other words, the facilities are outside the park. Game is present nevertheless, and the hotel is visited on a daily basis by wildife. Impalas are plentiful, and I also bumped into warthogs and kudu on a couple of occasions.

– The cooking is ok, but could definitely be improved upon.

Manyane pool area

Outside the local restaurant

Night visitors

Bakubung Hotel

Very beautiful hotel, great food and a stunning view overlooking a waterhole and the Pilanesberg valley below. Expect to pay at least R2400 for a single (per room, per night), and R3400 for a double.

The main terrace and restaurant view


Pilanesberg valley overview

Wild animals ahead!

Swimming area