Jambo rafiki!

This post is very special, as I’ll be sharing priceless “insider” advice from our exclusive safari partner.

While I’ve been sharing my experience as a traveler, my friend Mark is a seasoned safari pro who has been planning safaris for Africa enthusiasts for over two decades.

Mark is the co-founder of one of the most experienced and knowledgeable safari services in Africa. They partner with more than 15 highly reputable safari operators to create unforgettable safaris.

In fact, they were the first safari operator in the world to offer tailormade safaris. They were even the first to have a website, back when the Internet was still new!

Over the years, our partner has served VIPs and Hollywood celebrities. And yet in terms of the quality of experience, they still offer the best bang for the buck. It’s no surprise that they’ve even been featured on National Geographic Wild!

I asked Mark some questions to help you plan your next big safari.

Hi Mark. What’s the Number 1 risk on an African safari that most tourists ignore?

Most people who visit Africa take precautions like basic vaccinations and packing everything they might need. But the biggest risk on safaris is logistics. Many more safaris are ruined by poor logistics and unrealistic plans, but this problem is often overlooked.

Most tourists come from urban areas around the world. They assume that travel in Africa, from Point A to Point B, is a simple matter of driving or flying there. It isn’t. Believe me, you don’t want to get lost in Africa. Even a minor setback can ruin your plans.

I think that the biggest mistake that many tourists make is to book separately for each resort, just to save a little money. They do not account for the challenges of getting from one resort to another, and end up having a bad time.

How can safari goers get good deals without booking each resort directly?

A safari is a once-a-lifetime experience for most tourists. It’s a lot more cost-effective to let an experienced service like ours coordinate with different operators, rather than try to manage everything yourself.

If your operator is based in Africa, they will be a lot cheaper than an agency from your country. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re living in the UK. It might seem safer to hire a local agent, but trust me, you’d be better off relying on a reputable service like ours, based in Africa.

We don’t just cost a lot less, but also have a strong relationship with the best resorts, game reserves and safari guides. If something changes at the last minute, we can ensure that it doesn’t affect your safari.

We have many clients who research resorts and game reserves, but insist on using our services to book their stays. By choosing a trusted, experienced local service, you’re getting booked with the best operators while actually paying less.

What advice would you offer to someone interested in specific sightings?

Good sightings on safaris depend on a lot of things: place, the time of the year, your tracker, and more. Which is why the service you rely on must have strong local connections.

If you want to see leopards, a reputed local operator will not only know what game reserves are your best bet, but even what areas are offering the best sightings, who the best trackers are, and so on.

I live in Africa and have been going on safaris for over 50 years. Over the past two decades, we have partnered with the finest operators in Africa.

Whether you want to experience a coral reef in the Indian Ocean, a Great Ape expedition in the jungle, explore Africa by rail, or track elusive animals, we’ve done it hundreds of times before.

It doesn’t matter if you want a traditional safari or are splurging on private jets – we have the expertise and network of partners to offer it.

If you call up a resort yourself and ask if there’s a chance to see cheetah cubs, what do you think they’ll say? They want your business, so of course they’ll say there are cheetah cubs in the area.

But a local service like ours, with so many partners, can offer honest and practical advice to make your safari experience special.

Thank you for your time, Mark. Asante sana!

Well then, rafiki, I hope that this has been helpful. Remember, we can help you plan a tailormade safari that’s just right for you. Simply fill out this form, and we will have Mark and I get in touch with you. This is entirely free and at no obligation.

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