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A choir homemade at the Tuli Safari Lodge in Botswana are celebrating receiving their first royalty check after releasing their debut digital album on iTunes. The choir have long been know locally for their boisterous live performances and CD releases but now they’re seeking to market their music worldwide.

The lodge set up the choir to raise funds for a staff healthcare fund that now provides medical care for the Tuli team and their families. So far the choir have recorded two DVDs live at the lodge, as well as one album, The Tuli Choir – Live In the Boma at Tuli Safari Lodge, Botswana, which is now available for download via iTunes.

The songs are performed a cappella, with the rhythm provided by stamping feet, clapping or the rustle of the shakers worn on the hands and feet of the musicians. The choir write songs that tell stories and even give advice on interpersonal relations, as well as some which discuss day-to-day life at the Tuli lodge.

You can hear a snippet of the choir below.

Sylvia, a longstanding Tuli member, explained her reasons for joining the choir to Africa Geographic:

“The money raised from our performances and sales of our CD mean that we can visit the doctor and get the medicines we need. Most staff members have needed this at some point. Personally I have been able to see a specialist about my heart problems and also had a small operation to remove a lump under my arm. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the healthcare fund. Another important reason for me joining the choir is that we love singing and sharing our culture with guests. We see how much Tuli guests enjoy our performances and we are so pleased to see them so happy.”

The Tuli Choir songs can be previewed or downloaded on iTunes – Botswana Choir.

Image via Tuli Safari Lodge