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Thanks to Instagram, we can see the true beauty and intricacies of every day life all around the world. Here are some gorgeous shots of Egypt – the people and the stunning surroundings that make up every day life for those who live there.

Craftsmen create traditional lutes in a workshop in the district of Fatimid, Cairo. These craftsmen work to keep alive the traditions of making these iconic instruments. Image by @amrusalahuddien via Instagram.

An elderly man sits beside the river, holding a smart phone. Image by @owiseabuzaid via Instagram

A young boy walks his horse beside the Nile. Image by @rogeranis via Instagram.


A woman takes the Metro with her child. Image by @hadeermahmoud1 via Instagram.

The Anba Sam’an church in the Al-Moquattam mountains where Egyptian Christians have gathered to celebrate Palm Sunday. Image by @amrusalahuddien via Instagram.

A man fishes by the sea. Image by @ehabbehairy via Instagram

Striking image of rooftops and birds by  @mo3taz_sobhy via Instagram.

Men walking in the small peninsula district of Egypt Dahab. Image by @mohameanwar via Instagram.

Mr Youssif, of the National Puppet Theatre in Cairo, poses with an unfinished puppet. Image by @Panchaoyue via Instagram.

A bread delivery boy carries a large tray of loaves on his head through the market in Cairo. The price of one loaf of this bread, at a subsidized rate, is roughly equivalent to 7 US cents.

A young boy climbs a tree. Image by @khallafhamdy via Instagram

An elderly couple take in the view of the city from Al Azhar park. Image by @tinnev via Instagram.

A fisherman fixes his nets. Image by @hisham.beka via Instagram.

Electricians work to fix a faulty fuse box in Cairo. Image by @magedaboueldahab via Instagram.

A man poses for a photograph near the Khan Khalili market in Cairo. Image by @Panchaoyue via Instagram.