It has been recommended time and time again, and it seems like no visit to Morocco is complete without a visit to the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen. The city is in the Rif Mountains, which are the “little” mountains near the Northern coast.

Chefchaouen perched in the Rif Mountains

The campsite above Chefchaouen

Camping is above town in a great campsite, where I leave the Jeep and wander down a stone staircase into the centre of town. I’m immediately inundated with the sights, sounds and smells of the bustling market. From fresh fish, spices and vegetables to clothes, rugs and leather goods, it seems this market has everything a person could desire. If not, I’m pretty sure it would appear if requested.

Fruit and veg at the market

This place is seriously old

More vegetables

Oooohhh, spices!

I spend hours wandering the market and the beautiful blue city, soaking it all in. Different people tell different stories about why it’s all painted blue – some say it’s to reduce mosquitoes, some say it keeps the concrete city cooler and some say scorpions don’t like the blue. Whatever the reason, it makes the city extremely photogenic and a great place to spend time.

Everything is blue

Everything is photogenic

Even the stairs are blue

Of course I’m talked into buying a berber carpet made from camel hair “on sale” and of course I try a Chicken Tagine – a kind of slow-cooked crock-pot chicken and vegetables with something like 40 different spices. Amazing.

Making a Berber carpet

Hand woven Berber carpets

The attention to detail in the carpets is shocking