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Leopards Galore

Most folks believe that the leopard is elusive and hard to find, well, that is simply not true. You just have to know where to go. As an African safari operator I have had the privilege to spend many days and nights in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve following and filming these beautiful cats.

In March 2004 I started a project to document the ‘Leopards of Simbambili’, and basically that is the northern sector of the Sabi Sands (all the lodges in that sector share traversing rights with one another).

Just to give you an example our record sighting of leopards in one game drive was 9 different animals. Now that is spectacular to say the least. TOTALLY AMAZING!

Here is one of my favourite videos I made. Unfortunately I was supposed to have the land rover to myself but the GM asked if his family could come along and I agreed.

As luck would have it, the action was on the wrong side of the vehicle for filming but you can still see what transpired.