A true “pooh” story about the oryx, and how this amazing animal is essential in the cycle of life! 🙂

Video Summary

  • The gemsbok, also known as the oryx, is one of the only large animals that has adapted to desert life.
  • Springbok have small hooves: they sink into the sand while walking.
  • Gemsbok, on the other hand, have large hooves that enable them to walk across the dunes with ease.
  • They can live over 25 years without drinking any water. They get all their water intake from the plants and other food sources they eat.
  • Oryx have long straight horns used for self-defense; they will not hesitate to attack when feeling threatened.
  • Gemsbok droppings are fascinating: you can often find seeds inside.
  • They naturally spread the seeds whenever they defecate.
  • The oryx dropping in itself is a natural fertilizer so the seed can grow easily.
  • Springbok spit the seeds out as they cannot digest them.
  • Mice are sometimes seen feeding off the seeds found in the droppings. They usually do so when the droppings are still fresh, as it is softer and thus easier to extract the seeds.