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Africa Freak – Celebrating Wild Africa

Wild Africa inspired us. And it changed us. We want to inspire the same positive change in others.

Celebrating Wild Africa is a way to connect with who we really are. It creates a dialogue with the wilderness and ourselves, helping us reconnect with something the modern world wants to hide: our wild side.

Celebrating wild Africa motivates us to develop a deeper understanding of who we truly are. It is both the conduit and setting for journeys of self discovery, and it is what first inspired Africa Freak all those decades ago.

At the same time, we love how Africa can change the world for the better. Effervescent and enchanting, Africa should be the continent teaching the rest of the world.

Wild Africa is made sustainable by the pioneering role of local people and communities, who have practiced conservation for thousands of generations.

Nowhere else has delivered such focus on self discovery and such commitment to conservation: Africa’s people are a continued source of inspiration to us.

By challenging and changing perceptions we seek to inspire a real and honest narrative that reflects what really goes on in Africa.

By helping people make authentic connections we make them story tellersverbally, visually, internationally – who join in the celebration of wild Africa.

Our raison d’être is to celebrate wild Africa and inspire people to reconnect with nature.

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